...one little step at a time.

  • Principles are archetypal forces of nature.

    Bright Principles are aspects of responsibility. Shadow Principles are aspects of irresponsibility.

  • "If you do not make the choice to be a conscious servant of responsible Bright Principles, then the choice is automatically made for you to be an unconscious slave of irresponsible Shadow Principles."

    Clinton Callahan, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love.

  • The Creation In One Brief Breath


    And one of the Lords of the universe

    mounted a pale horse and He

    rode a bolt of lightning

    while rolling thunder followed Him,

    shaking the stars loose from their moorings

    so fire fell from the heavens and

    Hell followed close on His heels.


    He rode down to where the dirt waited,

    ready to receive its Lawful burden and

    with a Word uttered like the fury

    of the winds and the roaring of the seas,

    He bade Humans arise naked from the soil

    where they lay like dormant seeds hungering

    to sprout and multiply and


    Hell took it from there.


    Red Hawk

  • Map of the Underworld Journey

  • Actual Distilled Hidden Purposes

    When you consciously make the journey into your Underworld as an authentic adulthood initiatory process you can extract your Shadow Principles and formulate them into a concise statement of your Hidden Purpose.

    Irresponsibility is Unconsciousness in action... applied Unconsciousness.

    Actual Hidden Purposes are shared below by participants of Possibility Labs where we did the Hidden Purpose Process

    Ewa Wichmann

    I am a dark cunning genius destroyer, manipulating you as a sexual toy to take complete control over your life, sucking out your energy until you are confused and empty, then leaving you in the trash to go find another slave.

    Amba Kaufmann

    I am a threatening dominant tyrant, possessing you through my insatiable greed for power, degrading you with my sexual perversions, thereby killing your dignity for never ending slave manipulation.

    Clinton Callahan

    I am a hubristic, pathologically lying miracle-cure adventure salesman, selling you survival hero thoughtware upgrades, but if you believe me I feel betrayed by your neediness and get revenge by sucking out every last drop of your life energy for my egotistical projects, then drop you in the dust, walk away, and never look back.

    Juliane Geller

    I'm an alluring, two-faced witchy beast that plays innocent and harmless pretending that you can use and abuse me so that I can take revenge by burning you and cutting you into pieces.