...one little step at a time.

  • Principles are archetypal forces of nature.

    Bright Principles are aspects of responsibility. Shadow Principles are aspects of irresponsibility.

  • "If we do not make the choice to be a conscious servant of responsible Bright Principles, then the choice is automatically made for us to be an unconscious slave of irresponsible Shadow Principles."

    Clinton Callahan, Radiant Joy Brilliant Love.

  • The Creation In One Brief Breath


    And one of the Lords of the universe

    mounted a pale horse and He

    rode a bolt of lightning

    while rolling thunder followed Him,

    shaking the stars loose from their moorings

    so fire fell from the heavens and

    Hell followed close on His heels.


    He rode down to where the dirt waited,

    ready to receive its Lawful burden and

    with a Word uttered like the fury

    of the winds and the roaring of the seas,

    He bade Humans arise naked from the soil

    where they lay like dormant seeds hungering

    to sprout and multiply and


    Hell took it from there.


    Red Hawk

  • Map of the Underworld

    Take a look and wake up.